Upgrading your company's work processes using the Microsoft SharePoint teamwork platform.

Develop your business potential

Through the years of digitalization, collaboration tools have been developed and adapted to the fast pace of business.
One of the most versatile tools is Microsoft SharePoint.

Setting up your company's internal collaboration tools

Still wasting a lot of time with communication between departments? Where do you keep your files? Does everyone have access to them?

Allow us to advise you in the Microsoft 365 services field, which enable smooth and efficient business processes.

Installation and advice with choosing the right platform

For many years, we have advised our customers on choosing the right platforms for their activity.

Together with your key users, we touch on the pain points in your business process and propose a solution.

We take care of licensing, installation, system maintenance and end-user education.

Custom SharePoint solution development

In addition to the basic functionalities offered by the SharePoint platform, we also offer customized software solution development via WSP packages or with online tools such as Power Automate, Power Apps and Azure Functions.

Intranet development

SharePoint enables easy internal web page design connected to various Microsoft tools (e.g. Microsoft Teams).

Inform colleagues about new developments, centralize and automate business processes and enable easy and fast data access.

Give your employees quick access to information about your company’s news, booking a vacation or reserving a company car.

Buying Microsoft 365 licenses?

We understand that the process of choosing the right license is challenging, so as an official Microsoft partner, we help you make the choice.

SharePoint allows

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